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Marketing database

The data business has two very clearly demarcated data sets – business data and consumer data. GlobalDataBrokers has a tremendous amount of in-house data to start with. Here we present to you the various types of data that we hold.

Business Data

Clearly demarcated from consumer data, our bulk business comes in from this sector. We deal with tons of premium offerings and present the best in the industry. Our choices are limitless and we can cater to any industry. Below are listed the top lists that we sell. These are fast moving and in high demand. If you have any specific requests, please go to the Contact Us page and get in touch with us, directly!

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Consumer Data

The B2C industry is a hotly contested one. A marketer needs the best data to survive in this industry. We at Global Data Brokers are one of the biggest providers of consumer data today. Our lists are comprehensive, precise and verified. Marketers find it very easy to use our lists because we deliver exactly what they need. The opportunities are endless with a data broker of our size. Listed below are the top selling consumer data lists we provide. If you have any specific requests, please go to our Contact Us page and send us a detailed request.

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