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Greeting Card Buyers Email List

List Count for U.S. Greeting Card Users Database: 3,500,000

Here's an easy way to bring people closer. Choose to campaign using our Greeting Card Buyer Email Contact Lists

This is the age of the internet and social media. On the one hand there are social media sites like Facebook bringing over 1.35 billion people closer; while on the other hand the number of email addresses used is expected to reach 4.3 billion by end of 2016 (Radicati Group). The legit question here therefore is – “Is the culture of sending and receiving greeting cards still alive?” The answer is ‘Yes,’ it is there, because there are certain sentiments that are still best expressed through touch! And at Global Data Brokers we identify those occasions and offer the email list of Greeting Card buyers.

As marketers you must understand that seasonal events like Valentine's day (ideal for people aged 18 to 24 years), Christmas, Mother's and Father's day etc. will always need relevant greetings cards. Some emotions are best expressed through handmade designs and patterns and this is the time there is genuine demand for greeting cards. When marketers therefore purchase our Seasonal Greeting Card users mailing lists we make it possible for them to connect with an audience base that prefers to express their thoughts and sentiments on paper. There is also the additional advantage of paper cards being long lasting unlike digital cards which can easily get deleted or forgotten. At Global Data Brokers therefore, with our Photo Greeting Cards buyers mailing addresses we try to connect marketers with the wide audience base who value to convey their messages through greeting cards. In fact research shows that Americans purchase almost 6.5 billion cards every year! And there is little reason why you as a marketer should not leverage from this opportunity especially when the answer is right in front of you in the form of the standard Greeting Card buyers email database!

So though the choice of medium for wishing on birthdays, festivals, celebrations etc. are changing over the years, there will always be the need for conveying the message. So choose to buy U.S. Greeting Cards buyer mailing list and start connecting with the right B2C audience base!

Add value to moments – Use our personalized Greeting Card Users Mailing Database to make contact with the right consumers

From the perspective of a marketer there is sense in investing in a contact list of Greeting Card users. While digital greetings are welcomed, there are certain occasions that call for a special mention on paper. Wouldn't it be wonderful to receive a physical card to celebrate – wedding anniversaries, partner's birthday, bar mitzvahs etc. or even a sympathy card? At Global Data Brokers we accordingly offer our clients customized lists so that they can purchase data related to their business needs. With our Photo Greeting Card buyers directory we make it possible for marketers to gain access to contact details on consumers who would cherish investing in greeting cards! So how about making your move now? Some of the popular sub-categories (with counts) of our database of U.S. Greeting Card buyers are:

Before you plan out your marketing mix reach us at Global Data Brokers with your needs. Let us help you to campaign to your niche audience in a planned and systematic manner with our Greeting Cards consumer email addresses. So reach us today and Request for Free Samples!

Providing easy solutions for B2C communications with our Email Lists of Greeting Cards Users and Buyers

So if you are the owners of flower shops, gift shops, online stores or any other, who will benefit from the sale of greeting cards, flowers and other gift items for any celebration or occasion, we recommend you to make your move and purchase Greeting Cards buyers mailing addresses! The generation today is eager to make every moment memorable and cherish it. So don't hesitate from leveraging from this opportunity.

Our Greeting Card users emailing list is comprehensive with data like: Name, Email id, Postal address, Contact number, Social Media profiles, Income, Dwelling type, Demography, Marital Status, Purchase behavior, and much more, making it the right choice for marketers to invest in! So let not all your efforts go into waste – buy U.S. Greeting Card consumers mail id lists today and reap the benefit of your marketing efforts!

Data diversity and exhaustiveness in the mailing list of Greeting Cards users has accordingly helped in:

  • Better campaign reach using verified business data with the standard Greeting Cards users contact list
  • Improved campaign structure, by being able to connect with consumers who have the interest and need to invest in your offering
  • Higher campaign deliverables and ROI, guaranteed by the fact that your marketing messages are reaching targeted end users
  • Lesser marketing costs, facilitated by the fact that the email addresses of Greeting Cards consumers are customized to fit specific budget and business requirements
  • And more

So make your move now and start exploring opportunities with our personalized Greeting Card buyers email address list!

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