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Strike business deal with the Charity contributors through the Charity and Donors Email Lists

List Count For Charity Donor And Philanthropist Database – 3,220,222

Charity donors and philanthropists play a decisive role in the society. Had it not been for their contributions, several social causes would lose their importance. In 2014 for instance, the number of people donating money to NGOs increased from 1.2 billion to 1.4 billion with almost 64% of all donations being made by women. These details are important, considering it help you as a marketer to design campaigns to Charity Donors. If you therefore seek to communicate with the people who donate to charitable causes, then let us at Global Data Brokers assist you with our email list of Charity Donors! We believe that a planned approach to campaigning is necessary considering that the consumer market is extensive and with sufficient opportunities. Our database of Charity Donors will therefore act as the right tool for marketers to set their campaigns rolling! With details on philanthropists and donors from across the USA, UK, Australia, APAC, Europe, Canada and other countries, we believe that buying our Charity and Donor mailing addresses will be one investment you will not be regretting!

Not every affluent family or notable social personality engages in social welfare causes through charity. You need to be certain about which person you are speaking to promote your business or services. Keeping in mind that fundraising requires winning donor's heart or mind, our experts have compiled data for the Charity Donors mailing list prioritizing data segmentation. Segmentation of the database gives one the confidence to connect with their target masses. By acquiring data on age, gender, sex, marital status, ethnicity, physical address, dwelling type, income etc. one can give a new direction to their campaigning and marketing initiatives. So do not hold back and contact us today for Charity Donor and Philanthropist email addresses!

Engage with the right audiences with Charity and Donors Mailing Database

Individuals and institutions running NGOs know that it's not an easy task to get contributions to support their cause. In fact, in the United States for instance, 88% of the donations come from 12% of organized donors only! It is necessary for you therefore to know whom you are reaching out to. We make it easier with our Charity Donors email marketing lists to help you save time and resources and also increase chances for prompt responses in no time.

At Global Data Brokers our aim is to make your marketing campaign successful. Our contact list of Charity Donors and Philanthropists according provides over 32,20,222 verified records for communication and audience engagement. The basic segments which our list of Charity Donor includes are:

Before you plan out your marketing mix reach us at Global Data Brokers with your needs and let us help you to campaign to your niche in a planned and systematic manner with our Philanthropists mailing list. So reach us today and Request for Free Samples!

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